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Collaborative Partnerships

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From the Chair Gloria Pluimer

As Chair of Dakota Resources for 2013-2015, I am humbled and honored to serve such a distinguished Board of Directors.  For anyone associated with Dakota Resources, you understand the success of this organization is in the quality of Board members, leadership–with Beth Davis at the helm, staff and the numerous partners. Take some time to peruse the Dakota Resources website and you will understand how this organization is able to provide the quality programs it does to stimulate financial and human investment in rural communities in South Dakota.

A key component of Dakota Resources is the development of collaborative partners.  One will see the words “collaboration” and “partnership” in a variety of forms throughout the Dakota Resources website and promotional materials.

Wikipedia identifies partnership as an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. CollaborationRead More »

The Complexity of Community

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From the Immediate Past Chair Jon Farris

Communities are complex systems. When approaching issues and
opportunities in community development we often only focus on
what is immediate and obvious without consideration for the
inter-relatedness of the people, organizations, and institutions
which exist in that community.

The community capitals framework, developed by Cornelia and
Jan Flora along with Susan Fey and Mary Emery, provides a tool
for analyzing how communities work. Every community has its
own unique “ecosystem,” where resources and dynamic forces
interact in complex ways. By examining those complex forces
through a framework that identifies the elements inherent in
each community, we are not only able to compare successful
strategies, but also assess that communities greatest challenges
and strengths.

Thinking of each element of community dynamics as “capital”
helps us to realize that these vital components can be utilized,
invested, blended together and exchanged to enhance the
community in significant ways. By regarding the various
community capitals as … Read More »

To Everything There is a Season

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Why are we considering a leadership program when we are a loan fund?  What does entrepreneurship have to do with economic development? Community-wide planning—doesn’t someone already do that?

From the Chair By Jon Farris

These are all questions that have been asked as SD Rural Enterprise evolved from a loan fund for other loan funds into an organization that makes a variety of resources available to support economic and leadership development.  Both the questioning and the diversification speak volumes about the strength of this organization. While the scope of our products and services has expanded to meet the needs of development organizations, our evolution into the organization we are today has happened with intentional commitment to our purpose, “To stimulate financial and human investment in communities that are invested in themselves.”  As a board, we hold management accountable to not only our … Read More »


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