Welcome to Dakota Rising

Dakota Rising is a program designed to transform how entrepreneurs think about possibilities for themselves and their businesses.

This exciting opportunity is focused on strategically partnering with local communities to invigorate rural entrepreneurs and their businesses. By intentionally investing financial and human resources, we can grow the capacity of individuals and, in turn, grow their businesses.

On ranches, tribal lands and farmsteads across our state, neighbors still gather for a barn raising, which turns an empty landscape into a productive building. Historically, communities have always gathered together to support an inspiring individual’s vision for economic change. Today, we want to continue this tradition. Through a rural entrepreneur fellowship program, Dakota Rising supports the dreams of entrepreneurs, which have the power to transform our rural landscape from a rugged frontier into a vibrant economy.

People have always been South Dakota’s greatest asset. South Dakotans know how to work hard and work together to grow our economy — and the hands of many can accomplish the vision of one. South Dakota’s history was built one barn at a time and our future will be strengthened one innovative business at a time. Today, we’ll work together and help our Dakota communities rise.

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