We partner with local community groups (Sites) led by a local Coordinator and driven by a local Resource Team. Together we develop a system of support for entrepreneurial development by introducing tools and strategies for:

  • Nurturing a pool of entrepreneur and small business talent through business visitation, community outreach and youth activities.
  • Networking resources through Resource Fairs, mentoring connections and bringing together resource partners, business leaders and entrepreneurs statewide.
  • Building community support, through heightened public awareness of the value local entrepreneurs and business people add to the community by sharing entrepreneurs’ and community success stories, collaborating with other community organizations and seeking resource and financial assistance for the Dakota Rising Entrepreneur Development System.
Sites apply to be part of the Dakota Rising network and are selected through a competitive process. When selected, sites commit for three years with an annual recertification review. Sites are supported by Dakota Resources staff, national experts in entrepreneur development systems, and provided ongoing training.


The Impact:
Four Sites initiated the network in 2008. Two additional Sites joined in 2010. They have:

  • Engaged more than 60 Local Resource Team Members
  • Conducted 439 business visitations
  • Produced 19 youth events engaging over 800 students
  • Hosted 56 Networking Events with:
    • 2,417 attendees
    • 154 resources
  • Leveraged more than $380,000 in financial support for entrepreneurial development


Southern Hills On The Rise

Service Area
Fall River and Custer Counties

Site Coordinator
Cindy Turner

Mark Hollenbeck of Sunrise Ranch
Jeff Prior of Dakota Greens of Custer
Sandra Wahlert of Barnyard Veterinary Service and Supply

Dakota Rising Aberdeen

Faulkton Area Economic Development Initiative

Tri-Community Economic Enhancement (T.R.E.E.)

Service Area
Dewey and Ziebach Counties

Site Coordinator 
Megan Bickel
(605) 848-1512

Resource Team Members: Roxie Holloway, Eileen Briggs, Mark Shupick, Cora Mae Haskell, Stephanie Davidson, Kirk Beyer, Donita Fisher, Nicole Fiddler, Wynona Traversie, Jerry Farleee, Megan Bickel, Lyle Cook, Kristi Circle Eagle

Tobey Vander Laan of Wild Dutchman Products, Inc.
Margaret Lindskov of The Bunkhouse Inn of Isabel

Dakota Rising Lawrence County

Service Area
Spearfish Zip Code 57783

Local Site Services: Dakota Rising Business Consulting, mentoring, business financing, entrepreneur breakfast roundtables, business seminars, BHSU Center for Entrepreneurship

Local/Regional Resources: Small Business Development Center, Lawrence County Loan Fund, West River Revolving Loan Fund, SBA

Site Coordinator
Melissa Barth
(605) 642-2626

Site Champion: Bob Meyer

Resource Team Members: Melissa Barth, Bryan Walker, Bob Meyer, Chris Malo, Barbara Zwetzig, Helen Meriman, Dan Contonis

Peg Austin of Vanilla Bean Bakery
Josh Fritz and Jeff Drumm of Crow Peak Brewing Company
Bryan Lessly of Western Sky Media
Chris Malo of Black Hills Urethane
Jim Meyer of Quarq Technology, Inc.
Dee Sleep of Chicken Creek Communications
Les Voorhis of Royal Tine Images
Chris and Richard Brill of RABCO Products
Lorri Riley of DPM, Rylo, Inc.
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