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A program designed to build local capacity to lead strategic housing development now and in the future.


Home Address Plus is a collaborative partnership bringing three of South Dakota’s key rural housing development leaders together into one statewide effort: Dakota Resources, GROW South Dakota and NeighborWorks Dakota Home Resources. This partnership provides deeper resources, enhanced technical support, dedicated community coaching and extensive education and networking opportunities to rural communities in need of strategic housing solutions across South Dakota.

If your community is currently a rural housing development partner with Home Address, GROW South Dakota or NeighborWorks Dakota Home Resources, you are a Senior Site and now part of Home Address Plus! The combined strengths of these three organizations allows you upgraded benefits, resources and support. All rural communities partnering with Home Address Plus benefit from the enhanced support and resources available to you.

Our commitment includes:

  1. Engaging more local people in conversations about housing priorities and helping change perceptions about the importance of viable housing as itHAPlus_house
    relates to economic development
  2. Connecting with other communities to share innovative approaches
  3. Helping communities make sense of housing needs studies and developing housing action plans
  4. Hosting Home Address Plus Gatherings where representatives from all Home Address Plus community sites come together for expert training, peer-to-peer learning, statewide and federal resource support networking.
  5. Home Address Plus community sites come together for expert training, peer-to-peer learning, statewide and federal resource support networking
  6. Providing Home Address Plus “members only” online tools and training that include webinars, resources and networking
  7. Offering home mortgage assistance, low interest loans, down payment and closing cost assistance to qualified buyers
  8. Providing comprehensive technical support and valuable home ownership education classes
  9. Supporting rural homeowners with access to maintenance, weatherization, energy efficiency and home improvement resources

Travis Anderberg, an apartment owner in Miller, SD, explains how Home Address positively impacted him and his community:

“I was made aware of the dire housing shortage in Miller at a Home Address meeting. I talked to my business partner and we decided to
refurbish some old, damaged apartments above our pharmacy. They were rented before we even finished. Not only did this fill a need in our community, but it opened up opportunities for new people to come to town and it was a nice business investment for us.”

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Made possible with funding provided by South Dakota Housing Development Authority, NeighborWorks America, Citi Foundation, Bush Foundation and partnering Community Sites.

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