Nothing stands still – change is the constant

Posted on September 22, 2015

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All of us want to live in a growing community with all the amenities—and most of us believe we do. But when we think that everything is great the way it is, we sometimes try to keep our community unchanged. While that’s easy to understand, trying to keep things as they are can inadvertently lead to the loss of the very things we are trying to preserve.

Preventing change is an impossible dream—like wishing your grass would stop growing so you can go fishing instead of mowing your lawn. If the grass is not growing, it’s dying, turning yellow and ruining the looks of your yard. In some ways, a community like ours is equally organic. If the community is not growing, it may be slowly dying. And just as with our grass, if we are not doing the necessary nurturing to keep our community vibrant and successful, we’ll be sorry later.

We all want this great place we live in to have good streets to drive on, clean water, reliable sewer systems and well-maintained parks with recreational opportunities for the whole family. These infrastructure amenities are never frozen in time. They require constant diligence to maintain the acceptable levels of excellence that make our community the place we love.

But how do we fund that maintenance and consistent excellence? Property taxes and sales taxes support our community, and as the community grows, so does the need for additional revenues. New families mean a growing tax base, but expanding industrial and commercial development is essential to success. Not only do businesses pay a higher proportion of taxes, they also consume fewer services, making them a big plus for community infrastructure growth. In addition, growing businesses—whether job-creating commercial ventures or expanded retail operations—bring those additional families into town, sustaining a growth curve that keeps the community attractive and successful.

Economic development is an essential ingredient for smart community growth. We’re not recruiting smokestack factories, but entrepreneurial companies that add jobs, taxes and value to the communities in which they locate. With intelligent, progressive economic growth, we preserve and maintain our communities—while allowing them to change and thrive.

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