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Posted on May 17, 2017

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Get Your Tickets Early!

Registration is now open for RuralX17! Early bird pricing is available until June 23, so be sure to take advantage of the ticket savings and get it on your calendar now. RuralX17 will be held July 18-19, 2017 at the Dakota Events Center in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Our website is full of event information about this year’s dynamic speakers, the event schedule and our Better Block Party evening social.

What They Said…

Last year’s inaugural RuralX Summit brought people together from across the region to share innovative ideas, learn about rural resources and network like never before. Here are just a few of the great things they said about the event:

Troy McQuillen, Owner McQuillen Creative and former Dakota Rising Fellow, Aberdeen

As a former Dakota Rising Fellow, I am really interested in youth and how to get them more involved in our communities. I encourage people to be mentors and it’s good to see so many people thinking on that same path here at RuralX. Youth are the future of rural.”

*Emily Firman-Pieper, President of Flandreau Economic Development, Owner of Studio 52 and Community Volunteer, Flandreau

This has just been very rejuvenating. It’s been so nice to meet other people who share my same struggles. It can be isolating to be a rural entrepreneur so it’s great to find a support network.

Stephanie Horst, Manager at BonHomne-Yankton Electric Association

Listening to entrepreneurs was very inspiring. It made me want to seek out people in Ipswich who could be entrepreneurial and help them make it work.”

*Becky McCray, Presenter from SaveYour.Town, Hopeton, OK

This is the kind of event I’ve always dreamed of putting together. RuralX puts the emphasis on the experts right here in the room, using shared experiences and strong ideas from people who are living rural. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”

*Hugh Weber, Founder of OTA and The Potluck Society, Sioux Falls

Rural people can get things done. You know people, you call them up and you have a cup of coffee. You band together and get things done without a lot of hoops or red tape.

Camden Breitling, High School Student with On Hand Development, Miller

When the entire conference came together to pump out ideas, thoughts, and feelings towards rural living, I felt overjoyed and surprised to witness so many people share my general interests in sustaining small communities. The RuralX Summit taught me multiple lessons and gave me hundreds of new ideas, some of which I cherish and even plan on starting in Miller.

Connect and WIN a $100 Gas Card!

Do you know people who need to get connected at RuralX17? Send their names, email addresses and phone numbers to and we’ll be sure to invite them to our exciting rural economic and community development event. In “xchange” for sharing your contacts, we’ll put your name into a drawing for a $100 gas card to help get you here in July! RuralX17 could fuel your think tank as well as your gas tank. Thanks in advance for your connections.

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