Leadership Development

At Dakota Resources, we focus on two types of Leadership Development: Individual and Organizational. It is our goal to strengthen and empower people and organizations to make decisions that will determine the future vitality and viability of their community.

individual leadership development

Individual Leadership Development is valuable for emerging and established leaders looking to improve their skills. Individual Leadership Development is also useful for communities looking for effective leadership and for citizens who want more local leadership program opportunities.

The focus of Individual Leadership Development is:

  • Finding individual leadership styles and strengths
  • Managing groups for results
  • Making meetings work better
  • Managing conflict
  • Building strategic principles
  • Taking ideas to action
  • Valuing evaluation
  • Promoting change
  • Facing the challenge of community

It is our hope that after individuals partner with us to further their leadership skills, they will be able to make positive, lasting changes in their community.

organizational leadership development

Organizational Leadership Development is valuable for economic and community development organizations that would like assistance with strategic planning and organizational and board development. At Dakota Resources, we support economic and community development organizations through consultations with the organization’s leadership, board members and/or key stakeholders at strategic planning sessions. During these sessions we will help set goals, priorities and action plans to further the development of the organization and its board. Organizational Leadership Development with Dakota Resources is completely customizable. We will work with your organization to ensure that our service fits your needs — whether you need something as broad as a general strategic plan for the organization or you need a specific plan for hiring additional staff members, Dakota Resources can help you meet that goal.

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