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My Summer at Webster Area Development Corporation

Blog, News & Events on August 31st. Comments Off on My Summer at Webster Area Development Corporation

Guest Blog By Shala Larson

“What’re you doing this summer?” someone asks. I’m 21, a college senior; last year I was in Washington, D.C. and have been to South Africa and Peru. I say I’m going to work on development in my hometown. They respond, “Wait, what?”

Yes, the adventurer who swore she’d never spend another summer at home landed herself back in the land of number 22 license plates, fishing tournaments and more cows than people. Why? Because sometimes you need to better understand where you come from before you can start your future.

Over the past three months I’ve gained know­ledge as Day County’s interim development coordinator, learning things like how to write meeting minutes, manage an office, plan events, market on a budget, how to make a budget, coordinate volunteers, pinpoint areas of improvement and take initiative to tackle projects. … Read More »

Let the kids have a seat at the big table!

Blog, News & Events on August 24th. Comments Off on Let the kids have a seat at the big table!

Reasons to have teenagers on board

Author – Katy Kassian, Creator, Designer, Owner at Buffalo Gals Mercantile in Reagan, North Dakota

There are a multitude of reasons WHY a community should have teenagers participating on the boards and councils.

1) According to a University of Nebraska national survey of rural youths, 50% (that’s right folks! FIFTY PERCENT) WANT to return to their communities in the future. That’s a fabulous number! Now what are YOU going to do with that information?  What is your community to have to offer these returning ‘youngsters’ down the road? Jobs? Things to do? Places to hang out? WI-FI hot spots? Entertainment for new families? Buildings to start businesses in?
I would bet if you asked these youngsters what they would want to have, you would be surprised by their answers. If you let them, they will help … Read More »

When “Economic Developers” Clash With “Economic Development”

Blog, News & Events on August 19th. Comments Off on When “Economic Developers” Clash With “Economic Development”

Dakota Resources, “Your Town”, And The Tremors Of Indifference

Take a moment to think about your family. If you had to try, what is the economic value of your family in relation to your community? While we think of the quantifiable — money spent, money earned — what about the social value of their presence and involvement? How do we quantify cohesion in communities, the mere act of wanting to be there – of choosing to participate, live, and invest in a sense of “place”?

This week I had the good fortune to participate in two catalytic events in the formation and ongoing crafting of South Dakota economic and community development. The first, a 2-day event titled “RuralX” in Aberdeen – led by Dakota Resources, a rural community development agency working in South Dakota. The second, a court date at one of … Read More »

Does your community have an “affordable housing” problem?

Blog on August 10th. Comments Off on Does your community have an “affordable housing” problem?

By Mike Knutson, President at MAK(e) Strategies and Dakota Resources Community Coach

I sat down at a coffee shop the other day and overheard two retired guys complaining about housing in Watertown, where I live. In general, their comments fell into two themes; First, nobody can afford a decent house, and second there are too many affordable (i.e. – subsidized) housing options for people.

Although there may be elements of truth to both statements, it was frustrating to hear them share so much misinformation. It reminded me that maybe community leaders could use a little refresher on some terminology.

What does “affordable housing” mean? As a general rule, housing is considered affordable when a family spends no more than 30% of its income on all of their housing costs, including taxes, utilities, etc…. This means that a family earning $30,000 … Read More »


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