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Blog, News & Events on September 29th. Comments Off on GATHERING THE DOERS

By Paula Jensen, VP of Advancement | Dakota Resources

The first vision board presented by the design:SD team to the community of Webster, South Dakota, stated the following phrase in bold lettering: GATHERING THE DOERS. There were approximately 50 people in the room that day and surprisingly none of them got up and ran out in fear upon seeing the design:SD team’s first request to the community! Usually when someone asks for volunteers the room goes quiet, everyone looks at the floor, people go to the back of the room for more coffee, and the seconds tick by on the clock. But this group of Webster residents did something unusual. They listened, they participated, they were engaged, and they felt empowered to become invested in a process that was created for them to improve their hometown.

I have been empowered by the … Read More »


Blog, News & Events on September 22nd. Comments Off on Co-opetition

By Jason Uphoff, Arlington Economic Development Director

What is Co-opetition?

“CO-OPETITION is a new way of thinking about business. Some people see business entirely as competition. They think doing business is waging war and assume they can’t win unless somebody else loses. But business is both co-operation and competition. It’s CO-OPETITION, a word coined by Ray Noorda, founder of the networking software company Novell: ‘You have to compete and cooperate at the same time.’” – Adam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff

Game Theory

Co-opetition is based upon the mathematics concept of Game Theory. It was pioneered in the Fifties as a way to calculate global economic trends and Soviet strategy in thermonuclear war. The widespread adaptability of Game Theory was quickly built upon and now-a-days you can see elements of Game Theory in law practice, computer science, evolutionary biology, consumer marketing, military strategy and especially … Read More »

The power of young voices

Blog, News & Events on September 19th. Comments Off on The power of young voices

By Wendy Royston
Dakotafire Media

Dylan Fulton and Camden Breitling, students at Miller High School, came to RuralX on scholarship through Dakota Resources.

Fulton, who said he hopes to one day return to Miller after being educated elsewhere, enjoyed the Empower roundtable, where the students told a group of adult change-makers how the program is impacting their community of Miller.

He noted that he was welcomed to share his opinion without feeling rushed.
“It kind of makes you feel … like you matter,” Fulton said.

Through the Empower program and other initiatives back home in Miller, Fulton and Breightling both are becoming more active in their community—something they said has value to teens.

“It kind of makes me feel like I’m actually part of the decision-making process—like my opinion counts,” Breightling said, adding that it’s become evident that the community wants “us involved more and more. That’s … Read More »

LEADERSHIP: Six ways to address ‘We don’t know how’

Blog, News & Events on September 14th. Comments Off on LEADERSHIP: Six ways to address ‘We don’t know how’

By Paula Jensen

Some of us in rural communities feel as if we are missing the secret ingredient to leadership development: We don’t know how to create leaders who are committed long-term. People rise up when there is an immediate need, but then they go away until the next crisis or cause arises.

If there is key ingredient to creating strong community leaders, it’s self-awareness. Becoming truly self-aware means that people understand their own strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, attitudes, opinions and motivation. Our communities can support that path to self-awareness and leadership development by creating a local culture that is open to change, reflective of where we came from, considerate of tradition, and eager to engage all residents from young to old so they can flourish as leaders in the many areas of community life.

The following six strategies can help begin the process … Read More »


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