A Higher Purpose Comes to RuralX

Posted on April 9, 2019

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Tim Lampkin is a young, motivated entrepreneur who believes in the power of optimism. He grew up in the Mississippi Delta and wanted to make a difference in the area, realizing it was underserved but full of potential.

Through his nonprofit organization, Higher Purpose Co., Tim focuses on creating community-based solutions for building wealth in Mississippi, especially in communities of color. His community engagement model  includes three focus areas: Community Driven, Co-Create and Connect. He’ll be talking about how those three components lead to entrepreneurship development, affordable housing and land retention during his keynote conversation at ruralX.

“I hope to inspire others by sharing a solution-based organizing model that is centered around economic justice, particularly for rural communities,” he says. “South Dakota has many similarities to the Mississippi Delta. Some of the same challenges, such as access to fresh food, housing, having quality water, education and a number of other things.”

Tim says he’s excited about coming to ruralX because of the great work being done by Dakota Resources. He believes that by providing people with resources and support they need, the byproduct is hope—which is healing and transformative.

“The other exciting part is knowing we are helping people that are often overlooked and underestimated,” he says. “We are here to help the believe in their goals and then execute those goals.” If you’d like to hear more about Higher Purpose Co., join us at ruralX on June 19-20 and meet this amazing visionary in person. Register now at ruralx.org!

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