Dakota Resources Joins Forces with South Dakota Gives on November 27

Posted on November 20, 2018

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If you have ever wanted to give back to an organization that has touched your life, changed your heart, opened your eyes or created new opportunities, November 27th is your day.

This date has been marked as the South Dakota Day of Giving, and it’s bringing hundreds of nonprofits together to raise awareness as well as donations for 501(c)(3) organizations across South Dakota. Dakota Resources, a nonprofit rural economic and community development organization, is one of nearly 300 participating nonprofits taking part in this first-ever Day of Giving.

“The South Dakota Day of Giving is a fun way to focus on philanthropy and what it means to give back,” says Joe Bartmann, President of Dakota Resources. “Dakota Resources wanted to support these efforts and give people who believe in what we do a way to show their support. This is a day where small donations will add up, and anyone can make a difference.”

Dakota Resources has set a goal of $2,500 for the SD Day of Giving, which would be used to help the Dakota Resources Community Learning Network create a Communications Toolkit. This toolkit will be available for free to small town leaders once it is created and will provide them with templates, content and ideas about how to effectively inform their community about their work in community and economic development. Our goal with this project is to enrich the lives of small town leaders and empower their rural communities through tools, resources and training events provided by Dakota Resources.

If you are an advocate for rural, have an appreciation for Dakota Resources and want to support a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping our rural communities thrive, consider a gift of any size to Dakota Resources on Tuesday, November 27, our State’s first-ever South Dakota Day of Giving. You can easily contribute your tax-deductible donation at www.southdakotagives.org/dakota-resources.

Currently, over 50 rural communities in South Dakota are being empowered by Dakota Resources through their vibrant networks and success stories from places like Faulkton, Wagner, Miller and Hot Springs which are inspiring change across the region.

“Our rural communities are alive with innovation. People are connecting like never before, starting new businesses and launching big ideas in small spaces,” says Bartmann. “Dakota Resources is a catalyst. We help rural people and communities help themselves through coaching, capital, networks, resources and tools. The results are so rewarding.”

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