Don’t Forget to Pack the Positive Attitude

Posted on July 29, 2014

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If yours is like a lot of families, now is the time you’re enjoying your summer vacation. Whether it’s a trip to Grandpa and Grandma’s, a splashy visit to that perfect lake resort or camping in the mountains, you’ve figured out in advance what you need to take along and made a checklist so that nothing important is left behind—or remembered when you’re a hundred miles away from home.

Along with the jackets, swimsuits and fishing rods, let’s remember to pack our positive attitudes about the place we call home. It’s not always easy to remember that each and every one of us is an ambassador for our hometown, no matter where we go. People rely on us to inform them about our part of the world, and our most casual comment can color their perceptions about our community, county and state.

It’s hard enough, sometimes, to be positive when we’re at home, surrounded by friends and in our own comfort zone. A positive outlook can be overshadowed by negativity, whether it’s a “Not In My Backyard” attitude about growth or a conviction that elected officials are not on “our side.” But the plain fact of the matter is, things are still going well in our community. Here in South Dakota, we are emerging from the recession more quickly than some parts of the country, with growth, solid citizen involvement and incredible potential for the future. We should all be positive—and share that good attitude with everyone we meet.

You can make some interesting contacts while on vacation. A chance encounter on a Minnesota golf course can lead to new business prospects for our community. A cookout at a cousin’s house in Chicago could start a chain of events that brings a vital new service to our area. So be sure to pack your positive attitude and let everyone know that you come from the best place in America to live and work!


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