Download the Housing Toolkit

Housing Toolkit Version 1.0 (2018) Creators (from left to right): Jared Hybertson (Centerville Economic Development Corporation), Cathy Evans (Lemmon Housing Authority), Melissa Waldner (Webster Area Development Corporation), Cheyenne McGriff (Wall Economic Development Corporation), and Lisa Zens (Grow Spink).

The Housing Toolkit was created by community leaders across South Dakota and includes:

  • Step-by-step code enforcement processes
  • Home acquisition tactics
  • Steps to demolition success
  • Sample press releases, contracts, and draft resolutions for town government
  • Housing resources across South Dakota


PDF Version | Google Version | Tool Templates via Dropbox

This toolkit will keep growing and changing as more people add to it and learn from it. We hope that you will find this content useful and also be one of its contributors. You can learn about how to submit content to the Housing Toolkit on the last page of the document.

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