Generous Community Investors Save Tyndall’s Grocery Store

Posted on November 21, 2018

Paula Jensen
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This past January, the only grocery store in Tyndall closed its doors.

The community quickly came together to brainstorm ideas for re-opening the store. The first step involved forming the Tyndall Market LLC, an investment opportunity that allowed community members to buy into the ownership of the store for $35,000 each.

“It was explained that this is a high-risk investment with a good chance of little to no return,” explains Ron Wagner, community volunteer. “Everyone was aware that they could take it in the shorts on this deal, with no promises of ever seeing a dime of their investment again.”

Within no time, seven different local investors had pledged $35,000 each to re-open the grocery store, simply out of love for their community.

Next, community volunteers and businesses worked to clean, renovate and re-stock the store. Tyndall Market LLC began researching other rural grocery stores and made an important contact with Dan Cahoy, owner of Cahoy’s General Store in Lake Andes. Dan and his wife Trisha had experience re-opening the Lake Andes grocery store after it was closed, and their advice about operating a rural grocery store was invaluable.

“You think it’s no big deal to just open a store and start doing business, until you start to learn what it’s all about. We were originally thinking we could run it ourselves, but after talking to Dan, we knew we needed someone like him to manage our store. So, we asked. At first he said no, but then, fortunately, he decided to say yes,” explains Ron.

Dan and Trisha Cahoy purchased the store from the Tyndall Market LLC and opened Cahoy’s General Store in Tyndall in March—just 55 days after the store closed.

“The people of Tyndall made this happen,” says Ron. “We had a problem, and we came together to solve it quickly and without much hassle. That’s the beauty of a small town. We didn’t have to cut through a lot of red tape. We just made some decisions and moved forward as a community.”

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