Leadership Partners believe in the success of ruralX

Posted on May 17, 2019

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East River Electric Power Cooperative has been involved with Dakota Resources since its inception, and was part of the initial planning of the rural economic and community development organization. A representative from East River Electric has always been, and continues to be, on the Dakota Resources board of directors. The REED Fund is a Dakota Resources borrower

As a Touchstone Energy Cooperative and member of the Rural Electric Economic Development Fund, East River and the REED Fund have stepped up their commitment to ruralX by becoming a Leadership Partner of Dakota Resources. This enables the organization to be more engaged and involved in rural communities served by the Dakota Resources Learning Network and to be an integral part of events such as ruralX.

“RuralX adds value to what we do,” explains Linda Salmonson, Economic Development Officer. “Cooperatives share a commitment to rural communities that goes beyond power.”

East River Electric became interested in rural development activities in the late 1980s.

“We saw a need to help small communities find their strengths, and organizations like Dakota Resources make it possible for us to hand some of that work over to people who are fully engaged in the process,” she explains. “Supporting Dakota Resources helps our members. We do it for the future of our business and the communities we serve.”

Linda has attended ruralX in the past and is looking forward to this year’s gathering in Mitchell.

“I love the networking and the great ideas, and it’s good to see people get excited and energized,” she says. “RuralX allows and encourages people in rural communities to put their best foot forward.”

As an energy cooperative and loan fund serving rural communities in eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota, and a loan fund also serving part of western South Dakota, Linda says a she is seeing small towns come alive across the region “Rural is growing, the REED fund is growing. Our lending is double, if not triple, what it was a few years ago,” she explains. “People are opening businesses and building houses. Industrial parks are popping up all over. Fire stations, medical facilities, schools and manufacturing plants are being constructed. The positive signs are different in every community, but they are there.”

“Get your tickets for ruralX at www.ruralx.org! If you are a person who cares about your rural community and you want to connect with people who also have a passion to help our rural places thrive, then you belong at ruralX,” says Joe Bartmann, President at Dakota Resources.

RuralX will be held June 19 and 20 in Mitchell at Mitchell Wesleyan Church. To find more information about speakers, agenda and registration, visit www.ruralx.org or contact Dakota Resources at Cheryl@dakotaresources.org.

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