New Dakota Resources Employee Finds Happiness In Rural South Dakota

Posted on November 5, 2019

Carey Grosdidier
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Tyrelle Schweitzer, the new Marketing Strategist at Dakota Resources, moved to Presho from Minneapolis about six months ago.

After nearly four years in the Twin Cities, the Timber Lake native and 2015 SDSU graduate was ready to exchange the opportunities of an urban lifestyle for a more relaxed pace, in a place where she felt welcome and at home.

“I loved living in the city, but at times it was really expensive and was actually hard to meet people,” she says. “I moved to Presho and joined a book club, played on a sand volleyball league and participated in a few golf tournaments. I don’t have to drive in crazy traffic or worry about parking. I feel like I have a sense of community again which I didn’t have in Minneapolis because I was juggling between different friend groups and busy schedules.”

 Tyrelle isn’t alone in her thinking. A recent Gallup poll indicates that while 80% of the nation’s population lives in urban areas, rural life is the most wished for lifestyle on the list, with 27% of people citing “rural” as their most desired place to live compared to only 12% who want to live in a big city.

Dakota Resources is taking advantage of these statistics by offering attractive lifestyle incentives to a staff of people based in rural communities.  When Tyrelle saw the Marketing Strategist job listing on Pollen Midwest, she was excited to discover the majority of her work could be done remotely. She also liked knowing that the job would allow here to make an impact on rural communities across the region.

“I grew up in Timber Lake and I love rural places,” she says. “Dakota Resources helps rural people and communities thrive, and that is something I can really get behind.”

As a rural community and economic development organization, Dakota Resources is often talking to rural leaders about how to build new business opportunities and attract qualified people to work in small towns. Joe Bartmann, President of Dakota Resources, firmly believes that if a community can create opportunities, people will come.

“We are applying the same principals to our own business that we talk about in our workforce development conversations,” he says. “By marketing rural job opportunities as a benefit, where people are allowed a little more flexibility along with an affordable, less stressful lifestyle, we are attracting quality people who want to live and work in small communities. These people are out there and we can point at our own business to prove it.”

The last three hires at Dakota Resources came from Minneapolis, Fort Collins, and Des Moines. Two of them were returning to South Dakota after a few years away.

“I think sometimes young people grow up in South Dakota feel the need to leave the state almost as a right of passage,” he says. “They move to bigger cities and in a few years, they realize bigger is not necessarily better. After dealing with expensive housing and bad traffic and long lines, they are ready to come back. We just need to be ready for them when they do.”

Tyrelle agrees.

“My perspective of rural changed when I moved to Minneapolis, and it changed again when I moved back,” she says. “I appreciate things now that I didn’t think about appreciating when I was growing up. There is actually more to do here and I can afford to do it. People are nicer. Life is a better pace. I’m happier here.”

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