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SD Resource Links

Governor’s Office of Economic Development
 This state government office is focused on building economic vitality through bringing in new businesses from outside of South Dakota as well as vigorously promoting in-state entrepreneurial startups.

SCORE – SD Counselors to Small Business
 Provides professional guidance and information to maximize the success of America’s existing and emerging small businesses. One-on-one counseling offered confidentially and at no cost by volunteer businesswomen and -men who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in numerous disciplines and types of businesses.

SD Center for Enterprise Opportunity
 Provides business assistance and training to current and prospective entrepreneurs, from start up to expansion, to foster economic development in SD. While services are available to all those interested in entrepreneurship, there is a special emphasis on women, women veterans, Native Americans, socially and/or economically disadvantaged and youth entrepreneurs.

Small Business Administration
 Aids, counsels, assists and protects the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of the state and the nation.

Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center 
When you’re running a business, you don’t need to be a tax expert, too. But you do need some tax basics. IRS Small Business Advantage gives you the information you need to stay tax compliant so your business can thrive.

Small Business Development Center Provides professional, confidential, no-cost business consulting services, including one-on-one counseling and training, to individuals starting a business or looking for ways to improve an existing business.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program 
Provides increased opportunities for small businesses to meet federal research and development needs, increase employment, foster and encourage participation in technological innovation by socially and economically disadvantaged persons, increase private-sector commercialization of innovations derived from federal research and development.

SD Chamber of Commerce & Industry
 Legislative news from the “voice of South Dakota business.”

SD Community Foundation
 Promotes philanthropy and receives and administers charitable gifts and invests in a wide range of programs promoting the social and economic wellbeing of South Dakotans.

SD Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services
 Assists individuals with disabilities obtain employment, economic self-sufficiency, personal independence and full inclusion into society through vocational rehabilitation.

SD Department of Tourism and State Development
 Promotes South Dakota to visitors and residents. Six divisions – Tourism, History, Arts, Housing, Tribal Relations and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development – each play an integral role in moving the state’s economy forward. Includes information on the 2010 Initiative, a plan to increase tourism and business development in South Dakota.

SD EPSCoR – Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research 
Based on the premise that universities and their science and engineering faculty and students are valuable resources that can potentially influence a state’s development in the twenty-first century much in the same way that agricultural, industrial, and natural resources did in the twentieth century, EPSCoR’s goal is to identify, develop and utilize a state’s academic science and technology resources in a way that will support wealth creation and a more productive and fulfilling way of life for a state’s citizenry.

SDHDA – South Dakota Housing Development Authority
  The Authority is committed to leading the affordable housing industry by our integrity, innovation and financial strength. They are a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to encouraging the prudent investment of public financing and private capital to stimulate the construction, preservation, rehabilitation, purchase and development of affordable single and multifamily housing and daycare facilities.

SD Procurement Technical Assistance Center
 Provides assistance to South Dakota businesses wishing to contract with local, state and federal government agencies.

SDSU Cooperative Extension Service
 The major educational outreach arm of South Dakota State University serves the people of South Dakota by helping them apply unbiased, scientific knowledge to improve their lives. Continuing partnerships with county, state and federal governments are enabled by the land-grant mandate empowering Extension to offer educational information, programs and services in response to local issues and needs.

SDSU Engineering Resource Center
 Provides technical assistance to business, industry and governmental entities to help local, state and regional economies successfully compete in today’s global marketplace. ERC serves private citizens, business and industry in South Dakota as well as students and faculty at SDSU.

SDSU Foundation’s Enterprise Institute Further educating students and faculty about entrepreneurial pursuits and assisting in the development and expansion of regional businesses through the Entrepreneurial Forum, the Business Resource Center and the Entrepreneur Network.

SD Technology Business Center
 First step in ongoing effort to diversify and grow the regional economy by assisting in the creation and expansion of technology-based businesses in the Sioux Falls area.

SD Value-Added Agricultural Development Center
 Funded by nineteen producer-based commodity groups, trade organizations and cooperatives, the Center provides free business development services to value-added agricultural businesses in South Dakota.

Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project
 Innovative grassroots approach to assist individuals with business development. Increasing economic vitality and enhancing quality of life in the communities served through facilitating opportunities by offering support in planning, building and finding financing for business endeavors, networking and identifying markets.

USD School of Business – Business Research Bureau Staff
 BRB Professional Services maintain, explain and develop data for individuals or groups, explaining the data and knowing when it can or cannot be used. The BRB Professional Services are committed to improving the well-being of the entities it serves by providing a comprehensive range of research, business, information and education services and are governed by a principle of serving local, regional and national needs with superior quality and value.

National Resource Links

Association for Enterprise Opportunity
 This national association of organizations is committed to microenterprise development. AEO provides its members with a forum, information and a voice to promote enterprise opportunity for people and communities with limited access to economic resources.

Consumers Energy Small Town and Rural Development Strategies 
Leading experts from around the country share strategies they recommend for individual communities on promising trends, supporting local entrepreneurs, community assets, economic gardening and more.

Corporation for Enterprise Development
 This national organization aims to bring asset-building opportunities to all low-income Americans; to expand access to business training, technical assistance and capital in low-income communities and distressed regions across the nation; and to identify effective and accountable economic development policies and practices, as well as strategies that link economic opportunity with innovative stewardship of natural and cultural assets.
 Solutions for growing businesses.

Heartland Center for Leadership Development
 A major focus of the Heartland Center’s activities is practical resources and public policies for rural community survival, including leadership training, citizen participation, community planning, facilitation, evaluation and curriculum development. Programs and publications emphasize that local capacity is critical, and renewing local leadership essential, as towns, cities and states work to remain competitive today and in the future.

National Development Council (NDC)
 For nearly thirty years, NDC has provided technical assistance, training and development services to local and state governments and non-profit organizations. NDC works in hundreds of communities in almost all 50 states and Puerto Rico to evaluate and structure local economic development and affordable housing projects, leverage private investment, create local development finance programs and bridge the gap between public sector and private sector investment.

Neighborworks® Network Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation 
The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation strengthens communities and transforms lives across America by supporting innovative local partnerships of residents, businesses and government, collectively known as the NeighborWorks® network, and by advancing broader community development goals.

Opportunity Finance Network
 Opportunity Finance Network is the leading network of private financial intermediaries with a proven expertise in lending prudently and productively in unconventional markets often overlooked by conventional financial institutions. Working in urban, rural and reservation-based markets, we deliver sound financial returns and real changes for people and communities.

US Department of Agriculture – Rural Development (USDA)  The USDA is committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in rural America. Their financial programs support such essential public facilities and services as water and sewer systems, housing, health clinics, emergency service facilities and electric and telephone service. They promote economic development by supporting loans to businesses through banks, credit unions and community-managed lending pools.  They offer technical assistance and information to help agricultural producers and cooperatives get started and improve the effectiveness of their operations. They also provide technical assistance to help communities undertake community empowerment programs.

US Department of Treasury – CDFIs (CDFI) Fund
 CDFI Fund provides infusions of capital to institutions that serve distressed communities and low-income individuals. The Fund’s activities leverage private-sector investments from banks, foundations, and other funding sources. Since the Fund’s creation, it has made more than $400 million in awards to community development organizations and financial institutions.

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