Rural Economic Development Foundations Challenged on the Day of Giving

Posted on November 18, 2019

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Dakota Resources is trying something a little different this year.

As a champion for rural communities, we want to encourage as many rural economic development foundations as possible to take part in the South Dakota Day of Giving on December 3. This day was launched last year in order to help nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organizations across the state unite in one big, consorted effort to raise as much money as possible for themselves in twenty-four hours.

This year, twelve rural EDC’s in South Dakota registered for the South Dakota Day of Giving, and we are excited to cheer them on and support them all day long on December 3. These organizations include:

  • Eureka Community Development Co. 
  • Webster Area Development Corporation
  • Kimball Economic Development Corporation
  • Badlands Bad River Regional Economic Development Corp
  • Philip Charities
  • Thunder Valley Community Development Corp
  • Glacial Lakes Area Development
  • Deuel Area Development Inc. 
  • Four Bands Community Fund
  • Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project
  • Black Hills Community Loan Fund
  • Clark Area Chamber of Commerce

Several of the communities listed above are launching creative plans for the South Dakota Day of Giving, including De Smet, who is having the mayor proclaim it Giving Day in De Smet, and Webster Area Development Corporation, who created a webpage outlining seven Day County nonprofits participating in the day. The Kimball Area Foundation is selling paw fliers for $1 each at area businesses and hosting a community bingo night on December 3.

“We are just encouraging everyone to consider supporting their favorite local project or group on this special day. Donations of all sizes add up to a big impact!” says Melissa Waldner, Executive Director of Webster Area Development Corporation.

Even if your community’s economic development foundation didn’t register for the official Day of Giving event by the October 10 deadline, you can still participate in the day through the Dakota Resources Rural Gives Challenge. All you have to do is register on the Dakota Resources Rural Gives Challenge Eventbrite page by December 2 and take part in all three challenges designed by Dakota Resources to create awareness, build relationships and celebrate rural philanthropy. You can register here.

The challenges are listed below so you can plan your challenge solutions ahead of the event.

Challenge #1

What project have you recently completed in your community? In 1-2 sentences tell us about this project and the impact it had on your community. Get creative, share a photo, or even make a small :15 video using your phone.

Challenge #2

Who in your community goes the extra mile, lends a hand at every event, and goes above and beyond? We want to know who the changemakers and rural shapers are in your community. Share about an influential person in your community and use this moment to thank them for all they do. How you wish to share this with us on Facebook is up to you, photos, video, poem, etc.

Challenge #3

The new year is just around the corner. A new year means, new goals. What is your big goal in 2020 for your community? What are you wanting to achieve? Tell us in a short :30 second clip from your phone on what big initiative you have planned.

In order to qualify for our Day of Giving prizes, you must:

  • Be a rural economic development organization in South Dakota
  • Be registered for this event on the Dakota Resources Rural Gives Challenge Eventbrite page by December 3rd
  • Like the Dakota Resources Facebook page by December 3rd
  • Create a post for each challenge when they are released to be entered
  • Tag Dakota Resources when you post your response to our challenges
  • Use #RuralGives and #ForSouthDakota in your post

This is open to all economic development organizations and you do not have to be registered for Day of Giving to participate. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Ellie Naasz,, or call us at (605) 978-2804.

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