RuralX offers new attendees an eye-opening experience

Posted on August 26, 2019

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The moment Amy Kruse heard about RuralX through De Smet’s Economic Development Office, she knew she had to go.

As a first-time attendee at RuralX, Amy was pleasantly surprised by her experience.

Pictured left to right: Kevin Wagner, Rita Anderson, Amy Kruse, Billi Aughenbaugh

“It sounded like a great motivational opportunity, and I figured it would help me in my job and in my role on the De Smet Chamber Board, “ she said. “I approached my boss at Legend Seeds and asked if I could go. He said yes and the company sponsored my ticket!”

“I expected it to be geared toward small towns, but it was so much more. The uplifting speakers related to me personally and identified with my everyday life,” she said. “I am a single woman with grown kids who live in other cities. My biggest takeaway was that quality of life is not tied to population. You can have a full, rich and busy life in a rural town even if you don’t have a young family.” 

Amy was born and raised in De Smet and then moved away for seventeen years. When she moved back, she got involved with the De Smet Young Guns, a group of people interested in volunteering, hosting events and strengthening the community. She also became a board member with the De Smet Chamber of Commerce, and most recently a part of Connect De Smet, in addition to her role as Event Coordinator/Accounts Receivable Manager at Legend Seeds, Inc.

Pictured left to right:  Loree Gaikowski, Billi Aughenbaugh, Kevin Wagner, Clinton Powell, Nick Fosheim, Margot Gillette, Anita Holan, Rita Anderson, Eric Fosheim, Linda Salmonson, Mike Knutson and Amy Kruse

“I took a lot of notes at RuralX and have applied some of the things I learned into my personal life and my professional relations,” she says. “My favorite speaker was Tane Danger. I went to both of his breakout sessions and really enjoyed his perspective on having fun and taking chances. I also loved the lunch prepared by Chef Sean Sherman and even bought his book. The food was such a great treat.”

Amy plans to return to RuralX next year and would like to bring more community members with her.

“I can already think of a list of people who would benefit from this event. I hope we have a huge table from De Smet next year!”

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