RuralX Inspires Management Training Sessions in Wall

Posted on March 20, 2018

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Last summer, guests at RuralX were offered the opportunity to create an agenda of rural “hot topics” during a session called OpenX. Kelsey Doom, Wagner’s economic development director, brought up the topic of management training for rural employees.

Cheyenne McGriff, economic development director in Wall, was excited to take part in the session and share ideas.

“It was a conversation I was really interested in for the Wall community,” said Cheyenne. “I had conversations with managers in the past who desired this type of training for their current employees. I wanted to help provide an opportunity to empower community members by providing training and knowledge. Kelsey hosted a great session and I went back to Wall determined to take that conversation a step further.”

Cheyenne reached out to the SDSU Extension office to see if anyone there could provide her with the assistance or tools she needed to get a management training program off the ground.

“I had worked with SDSU Extension before and they are a great resource for rural communities,” she explains. “I sent out a survey to businesses in Wall to find our what they needed and used that information to help the extension office customize a program specifically for us.”

Five sessions were held in Wall between February 19 and March 19. Most of the sessions were attended by about fifteen people, but a special session titled “The Nuts and Bolts of HR Employment Law” attracted about thirty people.

“This was an opportunity that probably wouldn’t have happened without RuralX,” says Cheyenne. “I attend a lot of economic development events, but most of them aren’t geared to rural communities. RuralX is all about rural, and it’s nice to be around people who share similar obstacles and successes.”

Cheyenne’s enthusiasm and excitement for RuralX are contagious, which is why Dakota Resources asked her to join the RuralX Design Team to help them create an amazing experience for 2018.

“I was grateful for being asked to participate,” she says. “RuralX truly inspired me in my work. I’m excited to be a part of creating a fantastic experience for others.”

If you are planning to attend RuralX, Cheyenne encourages you to bring someone from your community along for the event.

“This creates a shared experience,” she says. “You will have someone to help you make your RuralX ideas become a reality in your community.”

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