Spring Success with the Three P’s

Posted on May 7, 2014

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As we finally move from winter into construction season, things can heat up fast in local economic development. Growing companies start looking around, seeking a perfect location for their expanding business. Local businesses check out the market, take a look at community growth and start to think about doing a little growing of their own. And it’s about this time of year that local residents, community development organizations and city governments ask themselves, “What should we be doing to make our development efforts even more successful?”  The answer to that question is the three “P’s” of community development.

1.  Participation. Nothing is more important than being involved, being aware and being willing to pitch in to make things happen in our community. It may be as simple as keeping up to date with business news. Our local development group is often asked to take an active role in expansion plans. Our local government can participate through infrastructure improvements. No matter what the project is, local participation is the key to success.

2.  Partnership. One of the best ways to be successful in development activities is to work together. Our community may participate in an economic development partnership with other communities, county government or state economic development professionals to achieve success. We understand that from City Hall to the state Capitol, we’re all on the same team. That partnership makes us stronger and better able to do whatever it takes to make growth happen.

3.  Patience. There are no overnight successes in economic development. Months can pass while companies explore their options and accomplish their checklists for expansion. Even when local businesses embark on growth, the impact isn’t seen in a week or two. And new jobs arrive in ones, twos and threes as those local operations grow with our community. Economic development success takes patience.

As the development season heats up, let’s all remember the 3 P’s, the foundation for community development success!


Ways to make a Community Stronger, Wiser, More Resilient and Engaged


Our American culture is very good at keeping us apart, involved in our own lives, houses and subcultures. We find ourselves hooked up to mass media and mass economics with little time or inclination to reach out, to work, talk and play with people unlike ourselves or to really engage with the place where we live. This is great for profits and bad for communities, humanity, nature and democracy. This website features 26 ways to make a community stronger, wiser and more resilient, sustainable and engaged.

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