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Posted on December 5, 2014

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We believe in Possible.  Years ago, we did not believe in possible.  We groomed our sons and daughters to leave. We literally told our young, “We have no place for you.”  Our community had no dreams for a future..

Over time, the efforts of the Faulkton area gave birth to a new hope. We bravely said, “If we build, they will come”.  And so we constructed this community center, then a new hospital, then a Retail Center. And they did come – families began returning to the Faulkton area.

In 2010, Faulk County initiated the Dakota Rising program; Dr. Joel Price was the first Site Coordinator,  Through this program, economic development has accelerated. In September, the Dakota Rising baton was passed to Sharon Tanner, who now serves as the Site Coordinator for the Faulkton Area.

Economically, 2014 has been an healthy year for the Faulkton area:

1) We have eight Dakota Rising Fellows;  Lori Holt and Chad Homan completed their Dakota Rising Fellowship this year.

2) Several business owners have voiced interest in a 2015 Fellowship. January 5 is the deadline to enter the Dakota Rising application process.

3) Several entrepreneurs are seeking to locate a business in the Faulkton Area –  They need store front space and land to on which to build.

4) Business owners are seeking Tools to grow their businesses. Community members are stepping up as Resource People to address these needs.

5) The Faulkton Area Foundation was formed with an eye to our Future.

6) The Faulkton Retail Center has full occupancy. Homan Ace Hardware opened its doors.

7) Schatz Electric has moved a full time electrician to Faulkton.

8) Styles by Stacy, Kaylee Speck Photography, and The Auto Shop have relocated to expanded sites this week.

9) FAMC has 84 employees providing a wide array of services . Oncology, Obstetric, and Pain Management outreach services were added this past year. Future plans include a possible expansion with additional services including Oncology and Chemotherapy.

10) Common Sense Manufacturing has job openings for welders and a truck driver. With four additional product lines, they are inundated with more orders than ever before, and their busiest season hasn’t even begun.

11) Our community has more jobs than people to fill them.

12) Faulk County’s taxable sales have been steadily rising:

During the last fiscal year- taxable sales increased by 9.4%

Since we began our dance with Dakota Rising in 2010, Faulk County taxable sales have increased 51%!

Yes, we are enjoying economic success. But what has brought us to this point?

What is the magic that makes wheels of our economy turn?

We say we believe in Possible! But what gives this “possible” the muscle to become reality?

Consider a gear. A single gear is powerless. But when it works with other gears, the possible begins. When the gears mesh together, they PASS THE POWER. This power changes the SPEED and the FORCE of their combined work.

The magic of gears operating together to produce power is a picture of our community:  the City Council, County Commissioners, Business & Professional Group, Economic Development, Dakota Rising Fellows, and now the Faulkton Area Foundation are joining forces.

Our Business Owners, Resource People, Teachers, Parents, Youth, and fellow citizens are meshing gears as we invest in the success of our community. Examples of our investment can be seen when we

  • embrace our newcomers
  • expose our children to entrepreneurship
  • purchase one another’s good & services
  • wrestle with building a new housing development, a new jail, an industrial park. If we build, will they come?

Like the magic of gears,  our combined effort enables us to build a future for the Faulkton area.

We are putting the POWER into possible.

We are able to tell our Sons & Daughters, “Yes, we have a place for you!” 

We believe in possible!


Submitted by
Sharon Tanner
Dakota Rising Site Coordinator
Faulkton Area


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