Troy McQuillen

Troy McQuillen

Elmwood Studios and McQuillen Creative Group
Dakota Rising Aberdeen

After a typical childhood in Aberdeen, Troy packed his things and headed for Los Angeles to attend film school at the University of Southern California. He graduated in 1987 and worked in the film business for about thirteen months. He didn’t like the direction he was headed. Troy went back to the University and convinced them he was a graphic designer and was hired by the School of Business.

Troy moved back home to Aberdeen, got married, bought a house and began working as a graphic designer. Ten years later he would have a staff of 13 and dozens of name-brand Aberdeen accounts. Troy and wife Suzette purchased a historic building in downtown Aberdeen and continue to restore it. McQuillen Creative Group offices out of this building.

Troy has grown his business from a one-man shop that only did graphic design to a multi-person, multi-media company that creates marketing strategies, video productions, websites, print collateral, signage, and pR. Troy enjoys salvaging diseased elm wood and crafting beautiful objects from the tainted wood. His latest venture, Elmwood Studios, will attempt to market these products nationwide.

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